Annenberg G02 – Kothari Learning Studio

Annenberg G02 is a large learning space, recently redesigned to include state-of-the-art HD displays and conferencing technology.

Capacity: 60 (17 tables / 60 chairs)


  • 5 large displays, each can connect to own source
  • Project from resident computer (Mac) or laptop
  • Audio/Video conferencing (cameras on each wall, room microphones on ceiling)
  • Wirelessly display from any device via Solstice

U-Stream URL:

Quick Reference Guide


  • Each display is controlled by its own small, touch-screen monitor. You will use these monitors to choose what is being displayed on screen. Tap the small monitor to turn it on.
  • Press “Share to All” to have the same source displayed to all screens in the room.


Display Options

Resident Mac

  1. Choose “Resident Mac” from the touch panel.
  2. Use the keyboard and mouse located on the pull-out tray in podium to control the computer.


  1. Choose “Laptop” from the touch panel.
  2. Connect your device to the HDMI or Mini Display Port cable in podium.

Solstice (Wireless projection)

  1. Choose “Solstice” from the touch panel.
  2. Enter the IP Address displayed on screen in your web browser to download the Solstice client to your device (follow the on-screen instructions).
  3. For more info about using Solstice – click here.



Using the “Phone” tab, you can answer an incoming call or dial out from the room. Note that there is only one phone line in the room; the call can be controlled from any of the touch panels.

  • If you need it, the room conference number is displayed on screen.
  • If you are dialing out, be sure to dial ‘9’ before the number.



Room G02 has streaming capabilities, with cameras on each wall. From the “Stream” tab, select which camera and/or which content to be sent to the stream. Note: there is only one live stream from the room – the stream can be controlled from any of the touch panels.

  • Tap “Start” and “Stop” to control the live stream. You will see a flashing red notice when the stream is active.
  • For further information about streaming, including how to access your stream and recordings, go to:
  • Tap Start & Stop to start the live stream – you will see a flashing red notice when the stream is active.



The “Audio” tab allows you to switch to “Team Audio” mode, which switches from the ceiling speakers and microphones to the speaker units found inside each podium. These speaker units can be used with the resident computer at each station.


How do I connect to the wireless internet?

While at Annenberg, we recommend connecting to the “sesplearningstudios” WiFi. The password is @nn3nb3rg. 

You can also use the “Northwestern” WiFi by logging in with your Northwestern NetID and password.

How do I report an issue with the room?

To report an issue with the technology in the classroom, please send us a message detailing the problem. If you need assistance after hours, you can contact NUIT at 847-467-ROOM (7666).

How can I display multiple sources at once?

In G02, you have several options for displaying multiple sources:

  • One option is to display separate sources on each screen using the individual touch panels. For example, you could set the left display to show the resident computer and the right display to show your own laptop.
  • Alternately, you can use the Solstice option to share multiple sources on the same display panel. Solstice allows you to show several sources at once (side-by-side), as well as quickly switch between different sources. For more information about using Solstice, click here.
How can I show the same source on all wall display units?
Choose the source you want to share using the touch panel on one of the display units. To share the source to all wall displays, tap “Share to All”. This will push the source to each of the display units.
Keep in mind you can still use the touch panel at any of the displays to switch that particular unit to a different source.


How do I project from my iPad?
The easiest methods for projecting from your iPad are as follows:
  • Plug in – You can project your iPad by plugging it in at the podium if you have  the appropriate adapter.
  • Solstice – If the room is equipped with Solstice (132, G02, 303), you can wirelessly project from your iPad. To use Solstice, enter the IP address on screen in your web browser or download the Solstice app directly from the App Store.
How do I project content from my USB flash drive?

Inside the podium (open the doors at the front), you will see a slot to insert your USB flash drive. You can access the files via the Resident Mac on that podium.

I plugged in my Mac, but the windows on my screen are not showing on the display?
First, make sure that you have plugged in your Mac using the lightning cable and select the “Laptop” option from the touch panel. You should see your desktop being displayed on the projected display.
Sometimes when projecting from a Mac, you can end up “extending” your desktop, rather than “mirroring”. This means that you will appear to have two desktops (you can drag content between them), rather than having the display “mirror” or display exactly what you are seeing on your own screen. To change this setting, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your desktop. Select “System Preferences” and then “Displays”. From the “Arrangement” tab, you can check or uncheck “mirorring”. (If you want the projector to display exactly what you see on screen, make sure to check the box.)


How can I stream or record an event in the room?

In several of our Annenberg “Smart Classrooms”, you have the ability to live stream and record from the cameras in the room. You can find instructions for starting the stream and accessing your recording at

If possible, you should test your stream at least 24 hours in advance to make sure everything is functioning properly.


Room Layouts