Qualtrics Research Suite

Qualtrics is a web-based tool for survey creation, data collection, and analysis. The software is easy to use, but offers a wide array of advanced features for creating complex surveys  and generating reports.

Qualtrics is available to all SESP students, faculty, and staff.


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Getting Started

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You can register for an account by logging in with your Net ID at sesp.qualtrics.com.


My Net ID is not working for accessing Qualtrics. What do I do?
All students, staff, and faculty within the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University should have access to Qualtrics with their Net ID. If you meet this criteria and are still unable to access the tool, please contact us.

I'm not sure where to begin in writing my survey, any advice?
Qualtrics offers some insight into survey research, including the benefits of online surveys, how to write quality questions, and choosing the right question types for your data. See “Survey Basics” from Qualtrics Support.

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