Canvas SpeedGrader™

SpeedGrader™ is the built-in grading tool in Canvas, which allows you to view and grade students’ assignments via your computer or iPad. With SpeedGrader ™, you can add both in-line and general comments, grade from a custom rubric, and/or add video and audio commentary.



SpeedGrader Overview

Accessing SpeedGrader

  • On your computer, you can access SpeedGrader from within your Canvas courses.
    • Open any assignment. On the right side of the page, click “SpeedGrader”
    • OR Go to the Gradebook, hover over any assignment and click the arrow (▼). Select “SpeedGrader”.
  • On an iPad, you will need to download the SpeedGrader™ iOS app.

Using SpeedGrader

*Important Note*
Muting Assignments: By default, as soon as you enter a grade or comment in SpeedGrader, it is released to the student. If you want to keep the grades hidden until you are done grading all students, be sure to “Mute” the assignment. For more information about muting assignments, click here.


What if a student submits more than one version of an assignment?

If a student submits more than one time to an assignment, Canvas creates “versions” of the submission. By default, you will be viewing the most recent submission. To view earlier submissions, choose the version from the “Submission to view” drop-dwon at the top of the grading panel. (For detailed instructions, click here.)

Can I hide students' names to grade anonymously?

Yes, you can hide student names by going to the SpeedGrader “Settings” and clicking the checkbox for “Hide student names in the SpeedGrader”. This will hide the names for this assignment only. (For detailed instructions, click here.)

Note: This only hides student names from the SpeedGrader student drop-down list. The entirety of the submission will be still be displayed, so if students’ submissions have their names printed on them, grading will not be anonymous.

Can multiple reviewers grade the same assignment submission?

Yes, multiple graders can review the same assignment. This is best handled via “Moderated Assignments“. Moderated assignments can be graded by multiple reviewers, with one moderator ultimately choosing one of the reviews (or their own) as the final grade released to the student. This is a great option if multiple instructors or TAs want to grade the same assignment to ensure consistency across grading.

Instructions on using moderated assignments:

Can I just download all of the submissions to my own computer?

Yes, you can download students’ submissions to your own computer, perhaps to print or grade using your preferred program. For instructions on downloading individual submissions and all submissions (in one .zip file), click here.

Is it possible to keep track of the average grade of an assignment?

Yes, you can see your grading progress (number of assignments graded), as well as the current average score in the upper right corner of speedgrader.


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