Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a webconferencing tool that we are currently using to manage online courses. With Adobe Connect, you can host a virtual meeting with with webcams and VOIP or telephone audio. Other features include screen sharing, whiteboards, breakout sessions, meeting recording, polling, and more.


SESP User Guides Start with the guides below for a broad overview of the capabilities of Adobe Connect:

Once you are familiar with the platform, use this checklist as a reference guide when you are facilitating a session:

More Adobe Connect Resources

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Can I re-use the same meeting room more than once?

Yes! Once you create a meeting room you can use it as many times at you like. We recommend using the same room for groups that are going to meet several times, as you can re-use your layouts and participants can join using the same link.

Can I access an Adobe Connect session from a mobile device?

Although we recommend using a computer with a wired Internet connection to access Adobe Connect, you can access your sessions via mobile device. On a mobile device, you will want to download the Adobe Connect app, rather than join via web browser. Please note that the mobile versions of Adobe Connect may not be as fully-featured as the browser-based version.

Some participants are appearing as a phone number, rather than their name. How can I fix this?

When using a conference line with your Adobe Connect session, participants have the option of dialing-in or dialing-out. The recommended option is “Dial-Out”, which prompts users to enter their phone number and have the conference line call them. In this scenario, their phone number will be automatically associated with their name in the Attendees list.

If users choose the “Dial-In” option, they will have to dial into the conference line and enter a passcode. Using this option, participants phone number will show up as a separate entity than their name in the Attendees pod. To combine the phone number with the appropriate user, drag the phone number on top of the participant’s name in the Attendees pod – you should then see an option to “Merge users”. Once you’ve merged a participant with their phone number, you will be able to identify who is speaking and control their audio (muting/unmuting).

It is especially important that you merge users with their phone numbers if you are planning to use breakout rooms. If you do not merge the user and phone number, Adobe will identify them as separate participants and might send them to separate breakout rooms (the participant could have their audio in one breakout room, while they are seeing into a different room via their computer). 

Can I record a meeting in Adobe Connect? How do I access my recordings?

The host(s) of a meeting can initiate a recording by clicking “Meeting”>”Start Recording” from the menu on top of the screen. All participants will be notified that the session is being recorded. The host can end the recording by clicking on “Meeting”>”Stop Recording”. The recording will also automatically stop if the host chooses to “End Meeting”.

For instructions on accessing, sharing, and deleting recorded meetings, click here. 

Are there recommended alternatives to Adobe Connect?

Yes! Northwestern supports an alternative conferencing tool – Blue Jeans – which is free for all faculty, students, and staff. For more information about using Blue Jeans, click here. 

We currently recommend Blue Jeans as our main conferencing tool (great for small groups or meetings), while Adobe Connect should be used for class sessions or webinars that require special features (polling, whiteboarding, etc.) or restricted permissions (participants vs. hosts).

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