Annenberg G01

Annenberg G01 is a medium-sized classroom, equipped with standard classroom technology and movable furniture.

Capacity: 25 (6 tables / 30 chairs)


  • present from resident computer (Mac) or laptop

U-Stream URL: n/a

Quick Reference Guide


  • The projector is controlled by a small, touch-screen monitor on the podium. Tap on the small monitor to turn it on – this will start up the system and lower the screen.
  • Use the on-screen display to choose which source to display.
  • When you are finished using the room, select “Shutdown System” from the upper right corner of the monitor to turn off the projector.
Display Options

Resident Mac

  1. Choose “Resident Computer” from touch-screen monitor.
  2. Use the keyboard and mouse located on the pull-out tray in podium to control the computer.


  1. Choose “Laptop” from touch-screen monitor.
  2. Connect your device to the VGA/Audio or Mini Display Port cable in podium.


  1. Choose “DVD” or “VHS” from touch-screen monitor.
  2. Insert the video into the correct device inside the podium. Control the playback (play, pause, stop) using the controls on the touch-screen monitor.
Troubleshooting & Tips
  • Adjust volume using the buttons in the top left corner of the touch panel, as well as on your device (resident computer or laptop).
  • Use the “Projector Mute” to temporarily hide what is on screen. This is a good option if you want to get something ready to display but aren’t ready to show it, or if you want to temporarily turn off the screen to prevent distraction.


How do I connect to the wireless internet?

While at Annenberg, we recommend connecting to the “sesplearningstudios” WiFi. The password is @nn3nb3rg. 

You can also use the “Northwestern” WiFi by logging in with your Northwestern NetID and password.

How do I report an issue with the room?

To report an issue with the technology in the classroom, please send us a message detailing the problem. If you need assistance after hours, you can contact NUIT at 847-467-ROOM (7666).

How do I project content from my USB flash drive?

At the podium, there is a USB extension among the other cords. You can plug your USB drive into this extension and find the files on the resident computer.


How do I project from my iPad?
To project from your iPad in this classroom, you will need to use the appropriate adapter to plug in your iPad at the podium. This classroom is not equipped for wireless projection.


I plugged in my Mac, but the windows on my screen are not showing on the display?
First, make sure that you have plugged in your Mac using the lightning cable and select the “Laptop” option from the touch panel. You should see your desktop being displayed on the projected display.
Sometimes when projecting from a Mac, you can end up “extending” your desktop, rather than “mirroring”. This means that you will appear to have two desktops (you can drag content between them), rather than having the display “mirror” or display exactly what you are seeing on your own screen. To change this setting, click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your desktop. Select “System Preferences” and then “Displays”. From the “Arrangement” tab, you can check or uncheck “mirorring”. (If you want the projector to display exactly what you see on screen, make sure to check the box.)


Room Layouts