Abbott Hall 1608

Abbott 1608 is a medium-sized classroom, equipped with wireless projection and a touch-screen display.

Capacity: 24


  • Wirelessly display from any device via Solstice
  • Project from resident computer (PC)
  • Touch-screen display
  • Document camera
  • Audo/video conferencing

U-Stream URL: n/a

Quick Reference Guide

  • The display is controlled by a small, touch-screen monitor on the podium. Tap on the small monitor to turn it on – this will start up the display.
  • Use the small monitor to choose which source to display.
  • When you are finished using the room, select  “System Off” from the lower right corner of the monitor to turn off the display.
Display Options

Solstice (Wireless)

  1. Choose “Solstice” from touch-screen monitor.
  2. Enter the IP address displayed on screen into your web browser to download the Solstice client to your device (follow the on-screen instructions).
  3. For more information about Solstice, click here.

Resident PC

  1. Choose “Resident PC” from touch-screen monitor.
  2. Use the keyboard and mouse located on the pull-out tray in podium to control the computer.

Document Camera

The document camera displays as a source in Solstice. 

  1. Choose “Solstice” from the touch-screen monitor.
  2. On the large display panel, tap the “Add Item” button in the lower left corner of Solstice.
  3. Choose “Attached Sources”, then “Document Camera”
  4. Use the controls on the small touch-screen monitor to zoom in and out or freeze the picture.
.Troubleshooting & Tips
  • Use the volume controls on the touch-screen monitor to control the volume or mute the sound output.
  • Tap on “Phone” to place a call using the conference line in the room.


How do I connect to the wireless internet?

Use the “Northwestern” WiFi by logging in with your Northwestern NetID and password. You can also use “Northwestern-Guest” if you do not have a Northwestern NetID.

How do I report an issue with the room?

To report an issue with the technology in the classroom, please send us a message detailing the problem.


How do I project content from my USB flash drive?

At the podium, there is a USB extension cord. You can plug your USB drive into this extension and find the files on the resident computer.


How do I project from my iPad?

You can wirelessly project from your iPad using Solstice. To use Solstice, enter the IP address on screen in your web browser or download the Solstice app directly from the App Store.