one button I am excited to announce that Northwestern has opened their own “One Button Studio” – a simplified DIY recording experience to aid users in creating high-quality videos.  The studio can be used to record video lectures or “flipped” videos for your students, or by your students to create video projects of their own. As the name implies, you simply press one button to start and stop the recording and the room will do the rest (lighting, recording, etc.).

Why might I use the One Button Studio?


  • Creating a video introduction for your Canvas course
  • Recording a lecture when travel is required
  • Creating demonstration modules
  • Presenting research papers

  • Filming a video project or presentation for class
  • Practicing a presentation before you deliver it live
  • E-Portfolio introductions or content


The One Button Studio is located on the first floor (1 South) of the Main Library.

one button studio location


For instructions on using the One Button Studio, click hereYou will need to bring your own USB drive to save your video. 


We recommend reserving the studio ahead of time – you can do so at using the library’s reservation system. You may reserve the One Button Studio for up to 2 hours/week.